Friday, July 25, 2014

New Custom Chill Drawers Found In Modern Refrigerators

When refrigerators first came on the market, after the ice box, they were just an open refrigerated space. Later someone thought of putting in a small section at the bottom of the fridge with a door which was used to separate vegetables from meat and dairy products. Then they put two in the bottom and they were pull out drawers.
New models of refrigerators are available with multiple new custom chill drawers and are placed strategically throughout the fridge. Some are designed for meats, others for cheese, others for butter and others for cold cuts. They can come with humidity controls as well as temperature dials which helps to maintain freshness of different products and even of different produce. Fruits need less humidity than vegetables, while packaged meats last longer at certain temperatures compared to fresh meat, or leftovers. Many of the modern refrigerators have gauges and controls for each compartment so that you are able to choose which drawer to designate for which product and if this week you have more fruit than cold cuts you can re-designate the drawers. Another advantage of these drawer is that they are usually easy to clean and this can help prevent cross contamination such as mixing eggs with fresh meat, which will save on overall food costs. Another feature of these drawers is that they help to maintain the energy efficiency of the refrigerator, the multiple compartments help to hold in the cold air in when the door of the fridge is opened. This helps to increase the energy efficiency of the refrigerator as well as the more efficient compressors.
These custom chill drawers can also come with labels that can help when placing groceries into the refrigerator. This in turn helps to find products later on, and also can let you know when you are running out of certain things, like fruit and lunch meat for the children's snacks or lunches, or even late night snacks for the parents.
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Washer Maintenance Tips

It is a proven truth that washer repairs,  much like other devices in your home,  have the ability to set you back some money to repair. In order to save pricey repair services by using the services of an expert, it is really advised to read further on washer maintenance.

Whenever mold and mildews start to accumulate on your cleaning machine, it can be associated with an obstacle around the washer. The absolute best method to prevent the development of mold and mildews is to try to keep your cleaning device totally dry at all times. Simply after utilizing the washer, always make sure that you open up the lid and utilize a dry cloth in order to clean the inner parts of the washing equipment. Right after that activity is completed, you ought to at the very same time make sure that you keep the lid up so indoor air will circulate within the washer and dry up the components that can't be reached.

An additional method to manage the build-up of molds is to having a go at the white vinegar option. Take note that distilled vinegar is generally a very useful cleaner. All you have to do is to use the water and add a glass of white vinegar. Permit the washer to complete this cycle and it will rapidly eliminate the mold and mildews present within the washer.

In the occasion that your washing equipment produces unusual sounds, it could be caused by a faulty belt or loosened bearings. If the sounds is associated to off-balance floor surfaces, you could take benefit of a platform to even out the positioning of the washing device.

When the cleaning equipment is not filling with water, you should examine the water hose on the occasion that it is stopped up. You need to clean the water filter to get rid of fragments that may be existing. Examine if the faucets are switched over on while at the same time inspecting in case the water valve is not blocked.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cave Creek Home Owners Count on Accredited Appliance of Phoenix

With a unique, one-year warranty on all home appliance repairs, Cave Creek residents can count on Accredited Appliance of Phoenix.  They are now accepting new customers all throughout Maricopa County, Arizona.  Accredited has been providing in-home same-day service on all brands of all major appliances for over 30 years.  All customers receive the most reliable, economical and professional appliance repair service.  Accredited’s technicians are highly skilled with many years of experience repairing all types of appliances.

Your appliance will be serviced the same day and a flat rate fee will be charged based on the type of repair you need.  A three-hour service window will be provided so you can be assured they will be there when promised.  Accredited uses the Major Appliance Service National Price guide to insure the prices are fair and honest.  They have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1986 and maintain an “A+” rating.

Accredited offers its customers above-industry standard one year warranty on all repairs.  Perhaps that’s why over 65% of their appointments are customers who are referred or have done business with Accredited previously.  Accredited is known to have honest, knowledgeable repairmen who are factory-trained. 

Cave Creek Appliance, a company of Accredited Appliance, services the Maricopa county region.  You may call (480) 351-6290 for repairs to freezers, microwave ovens, disposals, dryers, washers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens and refrigerators.  They will service all brands.  They are available for same day and emergency repairs, arriving in less than 2 hours of scheduling.